Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Life in 357 Words

I love helping people. Every single person on this planet goes through some type of struggle. Physical struggles, mental and emotional struggles. Struggles with work, school, friends family, everything. There is always going to be struggles in the world. With that being said, everyone could use a little help at one point. And who wouldn't want help? Not everyone does, but for the most part, when people are at their lowest, when people just cannot keep going without the support of another person. They want help. And that is me. I love being that help. The gratitude I feel for someone who has done something for me, that has helped me through my toughest times, or even just filled me in on what homework was due today. Whether its the biggest task in the world or the littlest gesture, that help that was given to me is important. That person changed my life. Now, you are probably wondering why someone who filled me in on the homework I just missed, how could that change my life? And my answer is simple, even though it may seem like it should be deeper. If they didn't fill me in, my life would be different. Drastically different? No. But, a different set of events would of taken place if I was not filled in on that smaller detail. Now, this is minor and probably will not make or break my life. But I am always still grateful for it. I want to help people. It is almost like a way of giving back to those who helped me in the past. They do not know it, but they have inspired me to keep doing good things. Seeing how grateful people are for the things I do for them will always be the best gift anyone could have. If I can make a difference in at least one person's life I will feel like I have fulfilled my purpose in life. Everyday I try to help at least one person, make someone smile, make someone's day just that much better. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most to someone. 

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