Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Research Question

My research question is going to be, should parents be required to vaccinate their children or not. I have chosen this topic because I am interested in the medical field due to being a nursing major and I find this important lately because of all of the talk about viruses and bacteria becoming immune to our medications and antibacterial soaps. Some things I would like to answer are the what are the benefits of vaccines and what are some of the problems with vaccinations, so we can get a clear view of both sides and find out what would be better to do in the future. This will hopefully clear up some of the confusion that people have about vaccines. A lot of people hear things that may not be true, so we are going to clear up what is fact and what is fiction so people know exactly what they would be getting into if they were or to not vaccinate. To answer this I obviously need to learn what are the benefits and what are the negatives to getting vaccinated and why. I think knowing why is a big part of it because that is where the sources will come from and it will help me and people have a better understanding. It is one thing to know something but it is another thing to know why and have confidence in the information you are receiving. I would need to research from people in the medical field. More so the people who work in the labs and study bacteria and viruses and all the different medications. The people who are studying to search for cures and treatments for disease and sickness. I believe those people would know the most about this topic. 

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