Thursday, March 17, 2016

WP2: Revision Reflection

The revision process for this paper was very helpful. By using our text book for the review, it allowed us to answer specific questions that related exactly to the paper we were writing. This gave us a better feel for what we were supposed to do within the paper bu telling us what we need to have, and how the paper should flow. While reviewing other students' papers, that also allowed us to look for things within the paper, that will then allow us to easier be able to find those things in our paper because we have already found them. It was also helpful to get feedback from multiple different students in the class. Second opinions are always a great thing to have and can really give some good feedback on where you stand. I really enjoyed reading other peoples essays, they gave me a lot of new information that I really appreciated. The peer reviews definitely helped in the revision process and helped me better understand what I needed to accomplish. It never hurts to have someone else look at your essay. The more feedback you get, the better you can make it. 

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