Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Explanatory Synthesis Notes

What I would like to explain in my essay is the history of the universe starting at the big bang, all the way up to society today. The universe is over 13.8 billion years old and not a lot of people know exactly how we got to where we are now. What is commonly known is that there is a big bang, we have stars and planets and solar systems and galaxies and so much more. We know what is out there, but why are those things there? How did those things get there? All of this makes sense when it comes to science. If we look at the timeline of time itself, we will be able to explain exactly how those stars formed, how the other planets formed. And how life formed on earth, then ending with how life evolved and brought us to the society we live in today. 

One of my sources is a video on the big bang, which is the beginning of time itself and will also be how I start my paper off. The video tells us what is already known about the big bang, which is not much because scientists do not know what existed before the big bang; or even if anything existed. It takes us on the journey of what happened seconds after the big bang. Everything that exists today was created in a matter of seconds and created the universe. At first the universe was really hot, and full of just matter and energy, but once it cooled down, it opened up a door for new things to evolve. 

Another source I have is an info graphic timeline from the moment time was created up until where we are now. This timeline includes pictures and explanations of what happened at what time and even gives an accurate sense of how much time was in between events. Visuals are very helping in the understanding of how things work or came to be and will allow me to see exactly what happened at what time and give a sense for how old the universe really is. Most people don't understand how big and how old the universe really is. We all understand it is old but the amount of time that went by between the beginning and now is kind of insane.  

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