Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let The Emotions Roll Out

One of my all time favorite bands is Avenged Sevenfold. Now, most of their music sounds pretty angry and I would consider them a hard rock/metal band. For me they are a great band to listen to when I am in a good mood, but also when I am in an angry or upset mood as well. Most of their songs include some type of screaming that I have no idea how they achieve. These screams are something that I cannot even explain. You would just have to listen to the song to understand what I am saying. Some people find this annoying and it is not music. But I find it full of emotion. Pure emotion that they are trying to let out. Obviously it fits the words they are singing and in my opinion it would not get the point across any other way. When they put those screams in there it gives the song a whole other set of emotions and brings a new mood to the song. You can really feel and understand how they feel about these topics they put into their songs. 

Something I find interesting is that the worse mood I am in, the more "screaming" I like to listen to. I have thought about this a lot lately and I have been wondering why this is the way it is. Sometimes when people are upset they do like to scream to just get all that anger and emotion out. And like I said earlier, the screams in the songs are something I will never be able to achieve and something I don't know how they do. So, listening to this music helps you scream with that kind of emotion when you just can't. Whether it is because you are out in public and can't scream, cause you can listen with headphones, or just because the emotion you want to get out can't be achieved unless you go to the Avenged Sevenfold extreme. This music almost drains you of all these angry emotions that you let build up. It gets it all out and you honestly feel better once you are done. Of course I enjoy many more things about there music but this is just an interesting spin on this type of music. 

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